Holiday Hazards (Part 3)

Here, There, and Everywhere

Are you traveling for the holidays?  If you are going out of town, are you taking your pet(s) with you?   Do you find a kennel or have a sitter come to your home?

A lot of decisions have to be made when you travel. Having your pet stay at home can be an ideal option if you are able to find an in-house sitter. A kennel can be a good option but may need to be reserved months in advance. Some pets are great traveling with you either driving or flying. The choice is yours but must be tailored to your pet’s needs.

For the kennel, be sure to have the vaccinations current and records available. If you have a pet sitter, be sure to leave all the necessary contact numbers, for you and your veterinarian. 

Going on a road trip? Well, be sure to take enough pet food for the trip because you may not be able to get the same brand/flavor where you are going. Take water and bowls in the car too. Another good idea is to take extra towels or wipes to clean your dog’s feet after walking outside. Make a checklist for everything your pet will need while you are gone –include any medications and a copy of your current vaccine records.

Your pet also needs to be safely restrained in the car. Ideally a harness or secure carrier  will protect them in case of sudden stops or accidents. Keep them in an area of the car away from airbags. 

When flying, double-check with your airline to see what they require for your pet to go onboard the plane. A health certificate from your veterinarian will be needed and some airlines have additional paperwork required for your pet. Also, some states have special requirements, so ask your vet ahead of time. (If you are going overseas, make sure your vet knows ahead of time in order to get the required paperwork processed for your trip.)

For more detailed information check out the American Veterinary Medical Association's page on Traveling with Your Pet FAQs .